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Pet Shop in Bridgend

Though cats and dogs are popular pets worldwide, they are high maintenance pets and will usually roam around the house and they may damage the furniture. Hence many people are interested in purchasing low maintenance pets like reptiles for their home. Which can be confined to a vivarium. Reptile World which is a pet shop in Bridgend, and also has a branch Barry has a large number of reptiles like snakes, turtles, lizards, chameleons, bearded dragons, geckos. It also has other types of pets like hamsters, rats, mice, birds, parrots, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Snakes are some of the most popular reptile pets in the world. They are low maintenance pets, in some cases, they have to be fed only once a week making them ideal pets for those who travel frequently. They are fed with dead mice or rats. Corn snakes are the most popular pet snakes since they are docile. Making it easy to handle them. They can grow to a length of five feet and live for ten years or more. Ball pythons are also popular because they are docile, and can live for 20 to 30 years. Other varieties of pet snakes which are available are king snakes, hognose snakes, royal pythons, Burmese pythons and carpet pythons.

Geckos, lizards and dragons are popular pets because they are low maintenance and also docile. Leopard geckos are very popular since they do not require much space. They only require insects for food, and are fun to watch and interact with. Bearded dragons are popular as first time reptile pets. They are originally from Australia, living in desert conditions so they require higher temperatures and more space. In addition to insects, they are also fed fresh vegetables and fruits. Other similar pets are the blue tongued skink, monitor lizard and different varieties of chameleons.

Similarly tortoises and turtles are extremely popular as pets since they are low maintenance and live for very long. The red eared slider is a small fresh water turtle and is a very popular pet. When small it should be fed daily, and it will grow rapidly. When older it should be fed only once in few days. It is an omnivorous creature eating vegetables and protein rich foods. In addition to warm water, it also requires a dry area for basking. The Russian tortoise is popular since it is a small tortoise. The African spurred tortoise is also popular though it is one of the largest tortoises in the world.

Many people do not have the space and other resources in their homes to keep pet reptiles for a long period of time. Hence, children can enjoy these pets by booking a reptile party with Reptile World. You can spice up any event or party with these pets for parties in your home or location. The children can enjoy themselves handling these pets under supervision of experience reptile handlers. In addition to selling pets and related services, customers can purchase a wide variety of pet supplies from the pet shop. These supplies include food for the different varieties of pets, housing for the pets, like vivariums. They can also purchase accessories and decor for the reptile housing at the pet shop.

If you are passing by make sure you pop in and experience our amazing reptile and pet shop in Bridgend.

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