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Pet Shop in Barry

If you are in Barry and you a reptile and pet lover and you are wondering where you can buy reptiles or pet supplies. Then I have a perfect solution for you. No need to look on online shops, I have the perfect and ideal shop just for you.

Reptile World and pets shop is a shop that sells all types of reptiles, pets, and even pets supplies. The shop is located in Barry 269 Holton Road. The shop is well arranged and has excellent decorations. We mostly sell various types of reptiles like snakes, lizards, bearded dragons, geckos, chameleons, spiders, scorpions, turtle, tortoise and also fish. For pets, we majorly sell rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, sugar gliders and parrots.

We open our shop seven days a week which makes it easy for when you are in need of any reptile or pet supplies, such as reptile food and accessories. So if you work Monday - Friday you don’t have to fear of not being able to visit the shop as we are open on the weekends.

Our staff members are hugely knowledgable on everything when it comes to reptiles and how to take care of them. We will be able to answer most questions on how to safely keep your reptiles and other pets, what to feed them, how to home them correctly, and much much more.

The service we offer makes us very distinctive for example if you do not find what you are looking for in their shop they try every way possible to find it whether it is importing your product. We also source for your product hence you do not incur any extra additional costs.

Besides selling reptile and pets, we also sell educational pet books, vivariums, vivarium accessories, like logs, rocks, caves, water bowl. We also see fish tanks, and fish accessories, parrots and bird accessories, stick insects, spiders and much more. You really need to visit our pet shop to experience to whole thing, you sure won’t be disappointed!

In our shop, we sell a wide range of foods both live and frozen including reptile foods, birds food and also water dishes. Apart from that they also have pet's housing equipment like hatching kits and thermometer/hydrometer for monitoring your pets.

You can also rent some reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and any other pets for your occasion with our reptile parties. If you want to make your party exciting then you can hire Reptile World, and we will deliver them to you with a trained and experienced handler, and this will make your party or event more fun and also unique.

So make sure you visit our reptile and pet shop in Barry when you are seeking any reptile, exotic animal or other pet related needs. We can guarantee we will be able to assist in anyway possible, whether its something we stock, a service or to help educate you in the right direction to be the best reptile and pet owner in Barry.

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